#EpiskoGrad: Incredible Students of the Episkopon's Graduating Class

Members of Episkopon are a remarkable group - they are intellectually gifted, morally decrepit, sexually inactive, and have minor but perceptible libertarian values. Learn more about members of this year's graduating class!

Student club buys into "secret society" image too hard

"Sure, control of the media and the orgies are great and all," says one Episkopon member, "but why be bothered when you could just wear a cape and put triangles everywhere instead?"

QUIZ: Are you bad enough for the Episkopon?

Are you ready for an undergraduate career of questionable morality? Have you killed between two and six baby animals? Do you test positive for sociopathy, lunacy, or sadomasicism? The Episkopon might be right for you. Take this quiz to find out!

The Venerable Father said WHAT?!

After over fifteen years of silence on the matter, the Venerable Father finally weighs in on one of our most controversial modern issues: the Iraq War. You WON'T BELIEVE his zany take!

New Episkopon Brand Standards Guide and Logo

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